Top banks in Kenya that provide cheap mobile banking
Eazzy banking App

Mobile banking is a service rendered by a bank or other financial institution which provides its clients or customers for conducting financial transactions remotely.
Nearly all banks have employed mobile banking services in Kenya, and they have gained massive popularity among Kenyans who find this mobile banking services very available and convenient.
This way of banking has generally transformed how Kenyans conduct transactions and have helped reduce the snaking queues in banks.
In no distinct order, here are banks with some of the best mobile banking services in the country.

Banks with best mobile banking services in Kenya

1. KCB

The Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has the KCB app which is accessible in both Kenya and Rwanda. The application triumphs of robust encryption that safeguards the clients’ details, as users are asked to submit their password before any activity can be authenticated. Users can likewise block stolen or lost debit or credit cards through this app. The App Users of this bank app can carry out processes from paying utilities, transferring money across accounts and making e-commerce purchases, also utility payments such as Electricity and water payments.

2. Cooperative Bank

Cooperative Bank has an app named MCo-op Cash. MCo-op Cash allows you to access your Co-op Bank accounts on a portable phone platform.
With this coop app you can do the following; apply and pay for a loan,deposit or save money, send money to another MCo-op Cash account, send money to other mobile money services, like M-PESA, withdraw cash at any Co-op Agent or Co-op ATM, buy airtime for any mobile phone number, pay bills like KPLC, KRA Tax ,DStv, and Insurance to name just a few.

3. Equity Bank

Equity’s popular Eazzy Banking app has been of massive help to Equity customers since it’s launch in Kenya.
With this handy app, you can send money to another Eazzy Banking app account, deposit or withdraw cash, withdraw cash from an Eazzy bank agent, buy airtime and also pay bills.

4. Barclays Bank-ABSA group

Barclays-rebranding to ABSA group is one of the several banks in Kenya that have a complimentary mobile application which they launched almost four years ago. It serves both personal and business customers all over the country. This mobile application is accessible on the Google play store, and it has overhead 50,000 downloads. This app is both safe and convenient and gives a variety of services to its users.

5. Chase Bank

Chase Bank’s mobile banking app named Mfukoni is accessible from App stores like; IOS, Blackberry OS and Android ones as fine as USSD.
Chase Bank clients using phones that are not data-enabled can reach the mobile banking services by phoning *275# and then following the required steps. Chase Bank customers with this app don’t require to the line to pay their utility bills, cheque deposit, tax payments, and even open standard accounts amongst other banking activities but they can do this at the convenience of their homes.

6. Family Bank

The Family Bank’s mobile banking program is called PesaPap. This Pesa Pap enables its clients to transact at the comfort of their mobile phones within this application and a USSD short code that is *325#. With this handy app, users can debit card and loan application, check Balances on both accounts and also loans, request for mini or full statements, chequebooks, transfer funds to own mind and other banks, pay utility Bills-KRA tax, JTL, DSTV, GOtv, ZUKU, KPLC, NCC and obtain airtime from any provider to name just a couple of them.

7. NIC Bank Kenya

NIC Bank’s NIC NOW app is necessary, but it offers just everything a banking customer may look for in a mobile banking app. It has more than 10,000 downloads on the Google Play store alone. Most of the essential services such as balance enquiry, opening online accounts, online cheques deposits, and cash transfer in real-time are accessible on this app.

8. Ecobank Kenya

Ecobank’s app, Ecobank Mobile Banking blends many functions, including Masterpass QR, a mobile payment solution designed and operated in conjunction with MasterCard to the phone. The mobile app allows customers to send and accept money immediately and open digital accounts, transact conveniently, review balances, pay utility bills amongst many more others.

9. National Bank

You may have observed this commercial on your screens, the NatMobile one. Natmobile is National bank’s mobile banking app. Consumers who have mobile phones but then have no internet connection can utilise this USSD Code *625#.
Services accessible on NatMobile are; purchase Airtime, balance inquiry, funds transfer, open an account remotely, utility payments, mVisa mini-Statement, loan statement, Pesalink, deposit funds, call for a statement

10. CFC Stanbic Bank

CFC mobile business app Stanbic Bank Kenya provides a stable, fast, comfortable and safe way of reaching your bank every day, every time. With this mobile app, you can transfer money efficiently from your account to M-PESA and also vice versa, transfer money between your Stanbic Bank accounts, request a salary advance easily, pay utility bills, and conveniently from your mobile phone, review your account balance, statements and request for a chequebook, fast and conveniently top up your mobile phone and so on.


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