Top best apps for job seekers in Kenya
Top best apps for job seekers in Kenya

Passed are the days when graduates walked around town with their curriculum vitae (CV) and generic cover letters in brown envelopes, leaving them at company receptions and human resource offices; holding on the hope that the papers would get in the right hands and they’d dock the perfect job.

Things are more comfortable now, still tiresome when it comes to the hoping part… but more simple to get your documents to the necessary employers. You can do it at the convenience of your home, office or in transit with a click or two on your phone or computer and a few swipes on your phone.

Whether you have a regular job in need of a part-time gig to boost the accounts statements or you are unemployed and actively seeking for opening and internships, these apps are a must-have on your devices.

They inform you about job opportunities, indeed, and some even give you tips on how to manage interviews, what questions to expect, company profiles and reviews.

If you flinch at the thought of salary negotiations, some of the apps give you a scope of the earning capacity of individuals with your profession set for the advertised job positions.

These are the top four best apps every job seeker must have:


The LinkedIn app is the high professional social networking place reaching over 200 countries and regions around the globe. 87 % per cent of top recruiters use LinkedIn as a portion of their candidate search.

LinkedIn Job Search provides you with all the tools you need to find your dream job easily – or let it see you.

You can find perfect career opportunities wherever you want with its location-based search and furthermore get recommendations and notifications entirely based on your job searches.

With customizable exploration tools, job alerts, and company information, you’ll have all the features you need to connect and connect with the right contacts.

As per to LinkedIn, applicants who apply to jobs on the first day they’re posted are 10 per cent more possible to be hired.

Cost: Free


Glassdoor app combines all the newest job listings with rich company reviews, salary reports and possible interview questions.

The app offers important, updated jobs based on your profile and even notifies you on whether or not another applicant may have filled the position.

You can save new jobs so you’ll never miss out and apply when you’re ready.

Cost: Free


Ogaan app creates a space to connect employers and prospective employees globally in the most efficient way possible.

The app strives to bring knowledge of the existing opportunities to those that may not have it.

While most apps may lean more towards professional job opportunities, Ogaan’s uniqueness is in their types of vacancies displayed which are inclusive of both the formal and informal openings.

In both divisions, the prospective employer and employee can be matched on the app according to the requirements of the employer and the qualifications of the prospective employee.

So whether you are searching for long-term employment to advance your career or just a quick fix for the budget thrills, Ogaan app has you covered.

Cost: Free

Brighter Monday

Brighter Monday is an online based recruitment agency that offers access to thousands of job listings daily matched to your location, knowledge, skills and role.

You can easily create a profile and show off your abilities, education and experience to potential employers.

When you see an opening that suits you, you can quickly save the jobs and apply at your leisure. If the job seems interesting, but it’s not the right fit for you, the app enables you to share with other suitable candidates.

Cost: Free



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