TSC online payslip

Teachers service commission, TSC, just like any other forward-minded institutions has adopted online transactions not only to make work more straightforward for them but also to serve their customers in a proper manner. The TSC has one of the largest workforces in the country that manually doing things would be a bit tiresome and slow. With the increasing number of teachers’ annually, it is only reasonable that they embrace digital strategies of service delivery to clients.

TSC Online Payslip Registration Requirements and Process

To be frank, with such online services, teachers can serve themselves so long as they understand the steps and keying in their correct details. One such online service is the online payslip service, which is accessible through the TSC portal online.

Teachers are now able to get their salary pay slip without having to wait for it to be sent via the traditional post office box. The issues of delays, especially when one needs to apply for a loan using the pay slip are not to be heard of again. All teachers have to do is to ensure that they have registered for the service to get convenient access to their payslip. Here is how to.

TSC Payslip registration

TSC online enrolment is all one needs to access their payslip online. The staff members of TSC need their staff number to get a payslip online. With this said, you must be a registered and certified teacher with the TSC for you to access this service.

You can click over to this link to register: https://payslip.tsc.go.ke/tregister.php

TSC payslip requirement- what you need to register and download your slip

As indicated above, you have to be a registered teacher with a TSC number and certificate. These credentials will give you access to the portal as the TSC number is crucial for you to log in.

There are some queries like how to access your payslip online and how to view my payslip online will only work when you are logged into the TSC portal with a valid TSC number. Teachers are registered and given special identification by TSC. This number is what makes a valid TSC staff and will be used in all transactions, even online.

TSC members who want to access their pay slip can begin by clicking this link to TSC portal www.TSC.go.ke. They should then click register for pay slip online. A form on which to register will appear. This form requires that TSC staff members provide specific, truthful information.

These include credentials of TSC number, name, ID number, KRA Pin number, birth date, designation code, pay station code, an account number for the bank, mobile number and a personalised email address.

Additionally to what we have said above, there is a need to create a new secure password, confirm it and to choose a question to answer in case you forget your password and need to recover your account.

TSC Online Payslip

Payslip download- where to download

Once you have registered online in with your TSC number, accessing your payslip is easy. Use the link http://payslip.TSC.go.ke/login.php to get to the site. Once you are in the site login using your TSC number and use the same password as that of your previous TSC online account.

This will give you access to all pay slips you need. Choose the month you need after checking on the website as it indicates which payslips are available based on the months. You can then download the payslip you want and log out.