how to cook ugali

Conventional Kenyan recipe for ugali and method of how to cook Ugali: Ugali is one of the significantly taken stable dinners in most Kenyan homes and is famously apprehended with different substitutes for the most part at dinner or noon. Here is a different approach to making your Ugali sweeter and more powerful.

Kenyan ugali recipe

Kenyan ugali can be served with sauce, stew, vegetables, and even acrid milk/mala.

  1. Boil the milk in a heavy duty sufuria or cooking utensil and bring it to boil.
  2. Scoop a decent bunch of flour and add carefully into the bubbling milk. Leave the milk to warm up some more until the point when it froths and nearly floods from the sufuria. This keeps up the warmth of the milk at breaking point. If this is not performed, you will end up with a low milk temperature which results in under-cooked ugali.
  3. Utilise the cooking stick to mix. Keep on adding flour and also mixing until the porridge blend changes into a strong hard mass.
  4. After every addition of unga/flour, leave for a ‘bit’ time, so the cold flour picks up the temperature and finds heat. You can cover the heavy duty sufuria to build up more heat.
  5. When mixing, you will require more strength as the mass solidifies further. Thus balance and grip of the Sufuria and cooking stick are essential at this stage. Fundamental. While mixing press/spread the ugali against the sufuria walls constantly while blending. It expels bumps. Exceptionally KEY. Mixing alone creates uneven ugali or porridge.
  6. Cover the heavy duty sufuria when the mass is sufficiently hard as wanted for a ‘bit’ time to enable temperature to work inside for more intense cooking. Build the heat.
  7. Keenly Watch out for the inner parts of the sufuria being used the base particularly. As you blend, the insides get a film of the flour. As the base, partly becomes golden, or a dull shade of darker the ugali nears cooking.
  8. Leave it to cook for a moment. Then, with the cooking stick, bring the ugali into a dome appearance. Your ugali with milk is now ready.
  9. Topple the sufuria on a clean plate and have your ugali. Keep well secured until eating time to keep up the heat however much as could logically be expected.
  10. Serve while still hot.

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Ugali ingredients

  • 3 large cups of maize flour
  • A spoonful of blueband/margarine
  • 2 large cups milk
  • Cooking stick
  • Medium-sized heavy-bottomed Sufuria

Ugali calories

Some Ugali meal nutritional facts

Ugali which is composed of cornmeal contains around 450 calories for each cup. This is a fat, high starch dinner.

Calories per serving of Ugali:

  • 181 calories of maize meal flour – Ugali, (50 g, gram(s))
  • 0 calories of Tap Water, (0.50 glass (8 fl oz))

Remember that the calories in this ugali recipe are very high. What’s more, the stew served with ugali also contains its own measure of calories.

Cooking ugali

The African ugali recipe is not much complicated. Mixing of ugali, nonetheless, while it’s preparing requires pragmatic show and experience and is the essential motivation behind why many people don’t know how to make ugali in Kenya. Moreover, the senses must be utilised to decide whether it is cooked appropriately – smell, sight, touch, sound. Taste isn’t proposed as tasting or eating while at the same time cooking is clumsy. In reverse.


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