Kanze Dena and Son

Popular Citizen TV anchor Kanze Dena is on her way out of the job Royal Media Service station to an even bigger job after she was appointed deputy head of the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU).

The announcement was made by Nzioka Waita, head of the president’s delivery unit in a statement on Tuesday, June 5, which also detailed huge changes in the Statehouse communications team.

“With expansive newsroom leadership experience, Dena has been tasked to focus on the President’s brand positioning, media relations and messaging with respect to the delivery the Big Four agenda,” the statement read

Fomer KTN reporter Munira Mohammed was handed the role of deputy head, PSCU and head of the Presidential library.

Uhuru appoints Citizen TV's news anchor Kanze Dena to senior role at State House

Former KTN reporter Munira Mohammed, 40, was also handed the lucrative role of Deputy Head, PSCU and Head of the Presidential Library. Photo: Munira/Facebook

With her impending exit from TV anchoring, Kanze will be tasked with leading core communication teams including brand positioning, messaging and research.

Esipisu however remains the overall head of the presidential communications unit.

Uhuru appoints Citizen TV's news anchor Kanze Dena to senior role at State House

The Citizen TV anchor is set to join the statehouse communication team. Photo: Kanze Dena/Instagram

Prior to the big move to Statehouse, Kanze enjoyed a fairly decent relationship with president Uhuru.

Her cordial terms with the Head of State earned her some criticism from the public over the way she interviewed Uhuru in March 2017 alongside her TV ‘sister’ Lulu Hassan.

The exclusive interview with the president at the time was highly awaited by viewers as they expected the pair to tackle some pressing national issues months to the August 2017 poll.

Uhuru appoints Citizen TV's news anchor Kanze Dena to senior role at State House

Kanze Dena’s interview with Uhuru in March 2017 was heavily criticised. Photo: Kanze Dena/Instagram

Kanze and her counterpart Lulu sparked outrage after they were accused of pampering Uhuru instead of pinning him down with hard questions.

More recently, on March 11 2018, the president sent a special message of condolences to Kanze after she lost her father.

The anchor has a had a lustrous career in the media with no single controversy unlike many of her colleagues whose lives are dotted with drama.