UN Kenya salary scales 2018


No uncertainty, UN offers the most competitive salaries in Kenya’s job market. Earning a six-figure salary and huge allowances are one of the prestigious benefits of working with the global organisation. It’s always the dream of any graduate to land a well-paying job; UN Kenya salary scales grant you just that. The International NGO frequently posts job vacancies to deserving Kenyans. With so many rewards, it’s every Kenyan job seeker’s dream to work with the UN due to the rewarding benefits in the offing. Talking about benefits would you be interested to know how much you are entitled as salary once employed by UN? If you are into humanitarian work, I bet you can’t wait to get all the juicy rewards package details. Read on to get the figures.


UN office in Kenya

Kenya enjoys the luxury of being home to the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON). The office is one of the four main United Nations offices (UN Headquarters in the US, UN Office at Geneva, and UN Office at Vienna)


The office houses Kenya-based UN agencies- United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat). Additionally, the strategic office is also the UN headquarters in Africa. Other UN missions In Kenya that have a strong presence including but not limited to the World Food Programme (WFP), United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and World Health Organization (WHO) Kenya is also privileged to be home to the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat). The agency has its headquarters in Nairobi. The agency promotes sound and sustainable urban development programs.

UN salary scales in Kenya

Kenyans workers have their salaries reviewed regularly to be at par with UN standards. The ever-increasing remuneration for the Kenyan surpasses that of their counterparts in public and private positions. Two years ago, a UN Staff working in Kenya pocketed Ksh.249,396 per month up from Khs.240,258 in 2015.

For purposes of contrast, a Kenyan working with UN gets an additional Kshs.100,000compared to a similarly qualified worker serving in the public sector.

Depending on whether you are recruited for local or international missions, The UN will reward you an attractive remuneration package inclusive of other perks and benefit-medical, housing allowance etc.


Housing allowance for Kenyan employees is pegged at 10% of their salaries. The compensation is either paid in other forms of benefits or unavailable for internationally recruited staff. As a staff, you stand to receive travel expenses to cater to travelling needs while away for official duties or relocating to a new duty station.

Maternity leave is offered to expectant women who also get an additional two hours rest daily once they resume from their leave. Depending on the occupation category, you are paid a dependency allowance subject to your spouse’s earning and the number of children.

If you’re stationed in Kenya’s remote areas with extreme living conditions like that of the North Eastern, one is eligible to receive hardship allowance. Annual leave of 30 days is granted to all UN staff.

UN-sponsored medical insurance and a joint staff pension fund caters for health and pension interest depending on the requirements of the job category.

UN salary scale

UN Salary scales are subjects to recurrent review to reflect the economic conditions of the duty stations. Appointments and job positions within the UN fall under the following categories;

  • Professional and higher categories (P and D)
  • General Service categories (G, TC, S, PIA, LT)
  • National Professional Officers (NO)
  • Field Service (FS)
  • Senior appointments (SG, DSG, USG and ASG)

Professional category

Professional staff working on this level are sourced internationally or locally. Kenyans’ salaries are subject to the best prevailing conditions at their job station. If you receive an appointment to an international position, the UN compensates on basis of a standardised international scale.

The base salary takes account of your dependents, the current cost of living at your duty station and most importantly the job group. Have a look at below annual net salaries for Kenyans under this category:

Entry level professionals (P1 – P3):

  • P1: $36,347- $49,432
  • P2: $46,472- $61,889
  • P3: $59,151- $76,390

Mid-career professionals (P4 – P5)

  • P-4: $71,332- $89,955
  • P-5: $85,543- $104,842

Senior level professionals- Directors (D-1 and D-2 levels)

  • D1: $97,805- $120,489
  • D2: $108,189- $127,565

Other benefits include the already tax-exempted salary, rental subsidy, dependency allowances, education grant, hardship allowance, hazard pay, rest and recuperation break.

One of the easiest ways to enroll for professional roles is to apply for the Young Professionals Programme; run by the UN Secretariat. Successful applicants get absorbed into a global professional position while enjoying the salary scale of P-1 or P-2 level.The UN Secretary General is the head of the United Nations Secretariat.

General Service Staff (G1 – G7)

UN recruit general staff locally and hence their remuneration is subject to local salary scale. Among the benefits to expect include family allowances, grants and health insurance. Participation in the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund admits only staff with a continued six months employment period since appointment.

Have a look at this UN Nairobi salary scales for staff working under this level: Remuneration computed as an annual net stipend in Kenyan shillings.

  • G1 (No work experience) – Kshs. 586, 053- 911,643
  • G2 (Minimum of 2 years of work experience) — Kshs.791,171 – 1,230,711
  • G3 (Minimum of 3 years of work experience) — Kshs.1,068,082 – 1,661,462
  • G4 (Minimum of 4 years of work experience) – Kshs. 1, 441,910 – 2,242,980
  • UN G5 salary is Kshs.1, 787,970- 2,781,290
  • G6 (Minimum of 6 years of work experience) — Kshs.2,217,091 – 3,448,801
  • G7 (Minimum of 7 years of work experience) — Kshs.2,749,187 – 4,276,507

Personnel like a UN driver in level G3 would be taking home more than 100k monthly. Generally, the annual UN driver salary is between $39K – $42K.

National Professional Officers (N0-A to NO-E)

Just like general service staff, Kenyans workforce grouped in this categories are locally appointed. Salaries and allowances paid are subject to the duty station and local salary scales and conditions.

Persons recruited to serve the UN in this category fall under five job groups. The higher job groups attract added duties and responsibilities in return for better salaries, allowances and perks.

Kenyans workers enjoy the following annual UN salary scale for professional staff:

  • NO-A (minimum 1 to 2 years of work experience) – Kshs.5 million-8.2 million
  • NO-B (minimum 2 to 3 years of work experience) – Kshs.6.5 million- 10.6 million
  • NO-C (minimum five years’ work experience) – Kshs.8.5 million to 13.7 million
  • NO-D (minimum seven years’ work experience) – Kshs.11 – 17.6million
  • NO-E over seven years’ work experience-rarely does this level draw appointment.

The Field Service category

The Labour force called upon to fill this category are usually recruited internationally. Remuneration is equated to a UN worldwide scale, but still subject to living conditions within the area of jurisdiction.

A Kenyan lucky to secure such an appointment in any of the seven job group mandated by the United Nations is entitled an annual salary as follows;

Annual net base salary ranges approximately in US$:

  • Entry level Field Service staff (FS 1 – FS 3-)- $31,000 – $54,000
  • Mid-career Field Service staff (FS 4 – FS 5)- $44,000 – $68,000
  • Senior level Field Service staff (FS 6 – FS 7)- $56,000 – $90,000

UN volunteers salary

Joining the Volunteers (UNV) programme is the easiest way to a rewarding career path within the ranks of the UN.


Volunteers (UNV) programme is mandated by UNDP to recruit the qualified candidates to fill various roles within the UN. However, the program runs on two platforms: a national and an international programme;

The National Program- the UNV Kenya Field Unit manages this local programme in Kenya within UNDP. Kenyans over 22yrs of age can volunteer to offer their serves for a period of up to 4 years. Expected net salary computed against a local salary scale is roughly Kshs. 60,000 per month,

The International Program-Anyone from any part of the world including Kenya can enroll in this International program as long as they are at least aged 25 years. Recruited candidate get to enjoy better allowance than their local volunteers. Remuneration varies with the role and duty station, but volunteers take home a monthly Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) of 2,200 USD (Kshs.220, 000 plus an additional adjustment multiplier allowance of $1,500,

UN Volunteer Programme pools around 8,000 qualified and experienced persons from over 160 different nationalities annually. Other benefits include settling-in-grant, annual leave, permanent disability insurance, return airfares, resettlement allowance, medical and life insurance.

UN service contract salary bands

UN gives opportunities to fill various contractual roles. Salary figures are unavailable for the different bands.

  • Permanent Contracts- Offered by the UN Secretariat.
  • Continuous Appointment (CA)
  • Fixed Term Appointment (FTA) – Duration is between one to two years.
  • Temporary Appointment (TA) – Contracts held for less than a year.
  • Non-staff and Consultant Contracts- Carry limited benefits and in most cases short-term.

There are a lot more opportunities that UN has to offer. If you desire to lodge an interest for the advertised vacancies you can do that within the UN Human resource portal . Although most UN agencies provide various positions of internships, No remuneration is catered as compensations for services rendered. With an overview of UN Kenya salary scales, one is in apposition to narrow down on the role that befits his passion and academics credentials.


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