Vera Sidika calls Otile a gold digger-why Vera Sidika dumped Otile Brown

Vera sidika and Otile brown

It is now apparent that Vera Sidika dumped her ex-lover Otile Brown because of his poor habit; borrowing her money every now and then.

This grew public thanks to a social media post Vera made while lamenting about the things men do which pi**es her off.

Getting to Instagram on Saturday, October 27, Vera Sidika shared screenshots of a convo between her and Otile, mentioning the singer started borrowing her money as early as their first month of dating.

The lady claimed as much as it pissed her then, she viewed it and life moved on smoothly until lately when Otile came knocking asking for money, again, scarcely two days after getting back following their much-publicised breakup

As the tale goes, Otile hit her up asking a KSh 500,000 loan to top up to the money he had so that he could acquire a brand new Mercedes Benz.

Not impressed, Vera turned him down, in a move that drove the singer away, or should we say out of the relationship.

”As much as we love so deep. Women do find it a turn off when a man keeps asking for money. Regularly. From week 2 of dating.” she wrote.

As per to Vera Sidika, Otile coming back to her sounded as if he was only back to milk her dry.

”This time it happened 2 days after a break up reconciliation and it ended up looking like the only reason he came back was for the money. I have been in this situation before and I refuse to be used financially or for fame. If such a person walks away because you didn’t give them money. It’s more like good riddance to bad rubbish ‍♀️.” She added.

Vera’s expose came barely days after the two got back together and made everyone that everything was smooth.

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It was earlier claimed the two, especially Otile Brown was in the relationship to use the other.

This, Otile exposed through his song Niacheni, in which he said he couldn’t use Vera Sidika for anything since he was already made, with money and fame before even meeting the voluptuous lady


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