Otile Brown and Vera Sidika were truly drifting via web-based networking media months prior on the grounds that they appeared to be cheerful and in affection. Photographs ran their Instagram pages communicating how infatuated they were. They went for a trip in Mauritius had fun and well. Otile being the man in love really tried to keep up with her. His sense of fashion somehow changed and that was within the period when Vera opened her beauty parlor. There are photos of him carrying his darling Vera on social media and Kenyans obviously had something to say. Many criticized Otile saying that he did not match up to Vera, and some actually supported them because love is blind. Their relationship was simply out there and people were already getting used to the relationship.

To top everything, the melody Baby Love by Otile Brown was released. The song is about people who criticize two people in love, those that do not want two people to stay in love. The song goes on to say that two people should just leave the critics alone and let them be because love conquers everything. Vera was the main video vixen in the song and Otile was singing to her which really caused a buzz on social media. To know more of her stories, photos of Vera Sidika are all over her social media accounts.

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika break up

Anyway the tune became a web sensation, and some said it was a reputation stunt yet from its looks, the two were not kidding. So later on, there were gossipy tidbits about the power couple separating which was later affirmed by Vera that for sure the two separated. Vera said went on to social media to post that she had been truly in love with him and even though she quit being a video vixen she was still willing to it for him but five days later ,the man dumped her without a reason and yet he is among the first man that she really loved. This was heart breaking to her and some fans really supported her. We all know Vera and many knew that their relationship would not last but well the doubts are now cleared. Otile and Vera are no more and Vera has allegedly moved on as she has been spotted with some handsome man that is said to be the new new catch.

Vera Sidika with new boyfriend?

So when the rumors went viral, Vera was just ready to show us the truth. Even before she could forget Otile, she went ahead to post some photos of another man who is currently unidentified. So Vera went to watch a movie titled ‘Equalizer 2’ at Westgate Mall with this particular man. The two were also enjoying a meal at the popular Art café. Well Vera Sidika boyfriend’s photos have not clearly indicated if he is just a friend or they have something going n. All in all we wish Vera Sidika all the best.

Plainly dating a socialite can be extreme considering that their lives are dependably on the spotlight. Most likely, this man is her next darling or perhaps a companion yet all things considered, reality will be everywhere on her web based life inside no time. Fans ought to prepare in light of the fact that staying aware of Vera may get intriguing in some cases. At the point when news flies up about Vera, we will be prepared to disclose to you more.


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