Vera Sidika tribe is Luhya and here is the proof

Socialite Vera Sidika’s tribal name was revealed through Instagram

– Her real name Mungasia is from the Western Kenya Luhyia community

It goes without saying women from Western Kenya, specifically those from the Luhyia community are well-endowed.

For ages now Kenyans have been wondering whether socialite Vera Sidika is from the Luhyia community owing to her bigger than life derriere, with most failing to unearth the truth.

Well, has finally solved the puzzle for you and thousands of others who have been struggling to know Vera’s tribe.

The famous socialite is actually Luhyia, and we did not only arrive at the result due to her curves but also reached her travel documents that even furnished us with her tribal name. understands the lass’ real name is Vera Sidika Mungasia, with her last name placing her original tribe to Western Kenya, the land of extravagant women.

Vera Sidika issued some of her social media fans an opportunity to know her name after sharing with them a photo of her plane ticket from Dubai, wherever she had gone for her birthday holiday.

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I look good in everything ๐Ÿ˜

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The lass needed to inform her people she was on her way back and had even received the tickets and everything she needed for her trip back to Nairobi, Kenya.


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