Vera Sidika

Curvaceous and popular Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has for the first time confirmed her romantic relationship with her new man.

Vera Sidika now fancies the whole world to know she is so much in love with her new lover, whose name is still a secret and made an effort to do so through social media.

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Vera Sidika ako na wake je wewe?

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Taking to Instagram posting on Thursday, February 14, as the word marked Valentine’s Day, Vera Sidika shared screenshots of her video calls with her man expressing how much in admiration she is with the guy.

”My baby is a snack though, Ignore that, he is a whole meal, those lips,” Vera Sidika then captioned one of her photos.
In a different Valentine’s message dedicated to her man, Vera suggested at their probable baecation shortly.

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Vera hashikikiii

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”Time difference got bae staying up all night so that he could video call me. A distance may be crazy but Happy Valentine’s Day pumpkin. Can’t wait for baecation,” she went on.

Vera’s passionate posts came just days after she introduced the man to her online fans as their Instagram in-law.

The damsel went on to the next one with the stud barely weeks after dumping her ex-lover Otile Brown.


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