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Viusasa is a Video On Demand setting that gives its users access to live TV channels, videos, music. Through the famous Viusasa app, Kenyans can now watch soaps, gospel, lifestyle, news, drama, social gossip, comedies, and kids show in either English, Kiswahili, or in their preferred native language. This article answers some of the most well-known questions dealing with the use of Viusasa such as “Does Viusasa use bundles?” Continue reading to discover how to subscribe to Viusasa and how you can appreciate Viusasa videos.

Before you start enjoying Viusasa videos, you first require to open a Viusasa account and pay for your selected package. Let us take you through these easy steps.

Viusasa application: How to register for Viusasa

From the Viusasa official website, it is apparent that before you can begin using Viusasa, you need to open an account for free. To do this, follow the uncomplicated steps described below:

  1. Use your phone and hit the Viusasa website on your web browser.
  2. Click on the red ‘Register’ icon
  3. Register your mobile number, email address, and preferred a unique password. Re-enter the password to authenticate and press ‘Register’. You should note that the mobile phone number you enter will act as your personal account number.
  4. Once you register, you will get a One Time Password (OTP) on your smartphone.
  5. Enter this password to authenticate your account.

How to subscribe to Viusasa Kenya

Viusasa account packages

The Viusasa TV packages are classified into three:

1. Videos

Under the videos package, you can pick among the following:

  • Kshs. 10/Daily videos that are unlimited
  • Ksh.60/Weekly videos unlimited
  • Ksh. 200/Monthly videos also unlimited

2. Music

These are the packages under the music section:

  • Ksh. 5/Daily music unlimited
  • Ksh. 30/Weekly videos unlimited
  • Ksh.100/Monthly videos likewise unlimited

3. Videos and music

  • Ksh. 15/Daily videos and music unlimited
  • Ksh. 90/Weekly videos and music unlimited
  • Ksh. 300/Monthly videos and music unlimited

Moreover note that for those who would like to subscribe for Viusasa via PayPal, only one package is possible: the USD 5/Monthly videos and music unlimited combination.

For those whose subscription option for Viusasa is the Visa/Mastercard, the package they can obtain is the Kshs. 300/Monthly videos and music unlimited package.

How to pay Viusasa subscription

You can subscribe for your Viusasa subscription through M-Pesa, debit cards, Airtel Money and bank credit, and also through PayPal.

How to pay Viusasa via mpesa

To pay Viusasa via M-Pesa, understand these steps:

  1. Go to the M-Pesa menu on your handheld device
  2. Select ‘Lipa Na M-Pesa’
  3. Select ‘Pay Bill’
  4. Enter the Viusasa pay bill number – 724177
  5. Input your account number that is the mobile number you used to enrol for Viusasa
  6. Enter the amount you would wish to pay
  7. Finally Enter your M-Pesa pin to authorise the payment

The moment you pay Viusasa subscription, your preferred package will be automatically activated

How to pay for Viusasa using the Viusasa app or on the Viusasa website

  • Choose ‘pay’ on the Viusasa app/Viusasa website
  • Select your preferred package and mode of payment, and you shall be instructed on how to continue with your payment

How to get Viusasa app

Android users can just download the Viusasa app from the Google Play store, and iPhone users can get to download the Viusasa app from the Apple App Store.

Viusasa is a convenient Video on demand (VOD) service for Kenyans as it also enables its users to download the videos that they love and watch them later on. Now that you have understood how to subscribe to Viusasa, you may begin to enjoy the vast array of videos at your disposal, but before you begin using Viusasa, make sure you have those data packages as standard network data costs apply while using the Viusasa app.

Viusasa Contacts

The platform is associated With Royal media services and contacting them is simple.



Royal Media Services.
Maalim Juma Road Off Dennis Pritt Road
P.O. Box 7468 – 00300 Nairobi, Kenya
Pilot Line (for Radio & TV Inquiries) :

+254 719 060 000



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