web hosting companies in Kenya

There are several Kenyan website hosting companies providing affordable and dependable services. Each of these web hosting companies is identified with unique products and services specifically designed to meet particular customer needs. There are many noticeable variations among these companies varying from pricing to customer support. Some of the center differences in most of these web hosting companies in Kenya are specific in the usage of physical memory, amount of disk space allocated, monthly traffic services, monthly bandwidth allocated, and virtual memory size. Web hosting companies Kenya give affordable services and charge relatively depending on customer requirements. Cost is not a standard indicator of a good website hosting company. For this speculation, it is advisable to deduce all services given and any possible hidden fees.

web hosting companies in Kenya 2019

RankWeb Hosting company
1WordPress.com Hosting
2sasa Host
5EAC directory
6Hub 8
9truehost Kenya
10domains kenya

Other notable web hosting companies in Kenya also include Host Pinnacle Kenya, Kenya web, true host, Host yetu, lenasi, and mambo.co.ke. If you have any experience working with these companies, please leave a comment below so others can know where to go for the very best services.

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