Zari Hassan criticised for posting her bare-chested photo on social media

zari hassan

Tanzania Singer Diamond Platnumz’s ex-wife Zari Hassan has been on path to recovery after suffering from a broken heart.

First, she tasted the relationship waters and bagged herself a man she only holds to as King bae.

The beauty then took to Snapchat to remind her followers she has a little ratchet behaviour hidden behind her shell of perfection.

The mother of five shared a photo of herself with a considerable part of her boobies hanging out of an unbuttoned pyjama shirt.

Zari had her bare chest flashing at the camera and a naughty smile to show she was not apologetic.

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Shogaangu @zarithebosslady hizo ndala unamuonesha nani sasa??😂😂😂 Ebu Jiheshimu bwanaaa! Pinto mkubwa yuko insta anajiskiaje akiwa na rafiki zake wanaona Ndala za Mama yao??

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Some netizens, however, found the beauty’s actions to be a tad bit disrespectful and unacceptable.

The Ugandan sweetheart has always been remembered to wear her modesty proudly as she rarely steps out in clothes that are too revealing.

This time around, the gloves were off, and she was not afraid to flaunt their mama gave her.

Some social media users suggested that Zari was just seeking recognition and wanted people to acknowledge her presence.

A few peeping Toms loved the free show and could not help but drool as they zoomed in to get a better glimpse.


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