Zari and Diamond latest news

Zari and Diamond’s Valentine’s Day break up was the talk of the town for the last month but the hype seems to have died down following the launch of Diamond’s album ‘A Boy from Tandale’.
Zari and Diamond have now become a hot topic once again after Zari was seen bopping to Diamond’s song Iyena. Zari recently revealed that’s she is addicted to Davido’s songs but couldn’t help but bop when her ex’s song came on.

As you are all probably aware, Iyena is a very special song to Diamond because it’s not only one of his favourite songs in his new album but also his wedding song.
“I am getting married this year. That’s why I promised my mum I would do it sababu hataki nitangatange. I found fame at around 20 and at that point I met some beautiful girls like the ones I see on TV and I had to have relations with them, girls I couldn’t see from Tandale. ” He said speaking of his wedding before revealing what inspired Iyena.
“I love Swahili songs and I wanted a wedding song that could be played at every wedding and the video has my whole family in it. When I get married I’ll definitely have Iyena play at my wedding.” Diamond said on Times FM.


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